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Second exchange: welcome to Heraklion!

Heraklion was the second city to welcome Spanish and Italy students to the You4blue exchange

The three day have been very intensive: full of visits and workshops in which boys and girls had the opportunity to make new experiences.

First day: the students were divided into mixed groups. In the morning, the visited the Archeological museum and Georgiadi Park in Heraklion where they meet  each others. In the afternoon, everybody attended the first part of the workshop.

Second day: in the morning, they went to visit the CretAquariumand in the afternoon it was dedicated to discovering the Nikolaos village.

Third day: in the morning, they visited Aqualabs for aquaculture, and observed ROVs, or remotely operated vehicles, to detect traces of biodiversity. In the afternoon, there was the second part of the Naturalistic digital illustrations workshop.

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