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Expected results

  • Increase basic skills such as: communication, understanding, reading and writing skills in English language during interactions with scientists and researchers and interactions with students and people from other countries;

  • Development of key competences in science and in the application of the scientific method, as well as increased awareness of the environmental and social challenges that climate change brings;

  • Design, development and delivery of activity outputs such as videos, illustrated books and podcasts as results of the workshops;

  • Design, development and submission of proposals aiming to safeguard or improve a local area, to be submitted to local authorities as results of the civic engagement process;

  • Increased multiculturalism and appreciation of diversity, as well as reinforced EU identity.

Moreover, the project foresees the development of the following tangible outputs:


interactive elearning

Free of charge e-learning courses will be built to enhance learning experiences of students addressing topics promoted within the project. The courses will be highly interactive.

Video Materials.png

audio-video materials

Students will be actively involved in the development of audio-video materials meant to disseminate the initiative in the participating countries through social networks and media and on the web.

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